Andris Kronbergs

Architect, architects office „Arhis”, Chairman of the Latvia Association of Architects Born in 1951. In 1975 graduated faculty of Architecture and Building, Polytechnic Institute of Riga.

Work experience:

1974-1985 architect and managing director of designing institute Urban-project, 1985-1996 head architect deputy in Riga Architecture Board. Since 1988 architect, managing director in architects office ARHIS. Since 2003 member and head of the Council of Preservation and Development of Historical Centre of Riga. Since 2006 member of Riga City Architect’s Collegium, member and chairman of the Latvia Association of Architects. In 2003 nominated for The Pritzker Architecture Prize.


Four cases in coexistence

  1. Natural environment and construction
  2. Transformation of buildings with historical value
  3. Transformation of building from modern history
  4. New building in historic environment