Pete Kercher

Followed up a law degree from Southampton University, moved to Italy in 1978, he established a communications and design consulting agency in Italy in 1978.

Executive Officer of the Bureau of European Designers Associations in 1988-94, he then represented Italy on its Board of Directors until 2002. A member of the Italian Association for the Industrial Design. A founder member of EIDD, Design for All Europe in 1993 (President in 2003-7) and of its national counterpart Design for All Italy (President 1997-99), he is currently its roving Ambassador, speaking and lecturing in an average of 10 countries worldwide every year.

A member of several scientific, consulting and editorial committees and juries for international conferences, journals and awards and author of numerous articles and manifestos about marketing, Design for All and the workspace. Instrumental in organising the first-ever design content in a European Capital of Culture (Vilnius, 2009), he spearheads the understanding of design and strategic design as the interface between culture and return on investment both in Europe and at home in Italy.

Currently involved in creating and executing strategic design projects, whose aim is to revitalise and strengthen opportunities for economic and social development in the private and public sectors in several European countries, he has taken a leading interest in Tourism for All since organising the first major international conference on the topic in the Milan Triennale in 2007 and recently (October 2014) authored the first draft of the Manifesto of Matera on universal accessibility to the cultural heritage.