Martin Foessleitner

Born in Vienna 1964.

MA in Business Administration, has a 10 years management background in a Japanese company of the digital imaging business, first as a Product Manager in Eastern Europe and later as Marketing Director in Austria before he founded in 1999. The company‘s work applies information design in project branding, network development and community building. Martin is board member of the International Institute for Information Design (IIID) and of designaustria. Teaching Information Design at the Sigmund Freud University for Psychology in Vienna and at the Danube University in Krems, he enjoys being part of the European Design Award jury and has a passion for Japanese design as well Italian espresso.

Pelekie Zirni - we drench the peas in water the day before. The role of design in heritage accessibility and promotion.

Heritage is everywhere. Are we open to it? Are we able to recognize and if, do we feel invited to start an interaction? And finally, is there a link to contemporary conditions and situations? What could be the role of design, to identify and offer platforms, stages and touch points? Linking heritage to future opportunities in a physical, intellectual and most important in an emotional way. Let ́s use what exists to create what is to be.