Marianne Sætre

Marianne Sætre completed her architectural education at AHO in Oslo in 1993 after a period as an exchange student at SCI ARC in Los Angeles. She joined the Snøhetta team in 1994 and took part in development of the schematic design of the Alexandria Library. She has been involved in a number of different types of projects in Norway including the Operahouse in Oslo, urban development of Sørenga and masterplan studies in the surrounding public spaces of the Opera in Bjørvika. She has also experience from a number of different projects in the Middle East; Yemen and Oman. In December 2013 the Norwegian headquarter of Deloitte was completed in Oslo. Marianne was the architect in charge from Snøhetta, and was leading the design team through all the different design stages including the construction face.

In addition to her practice at Snøhetta, Marianne plays an active role in architectural education. She is in the moment appointed as a Diploma sensor at NTNU, and she has also been censoring at AHO. She has recently been involved in the research project named Idea Work, and has been giving several lectures on the topic, among them teaching and lecturing at HCU university in Hamburg, and BI; Norwegian Business School.


Architecture and design developed in creative processes by dialog

By focusing on creative processes and sharing knowledge, Snøhetta develops new sustainable design solutions to dilemmas in both historical and new city development context.